Vieux Grand Port

About 7km north of Mahebourg, Vieux Grand Port has great historical significance for Mauritius. The Dutch made Vieux Grand Port their base and called it Fort Fredrick Henric. About 4km from Mahebourg, on the bank of a river, is a monument commemorating the first landing by Dutch sailors, which took place on 9 September 1598 under the command of Wyband Van Warwick. The Monument was erected in 1948 by the Mauritius Historical Society.


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National Historical Naval Museum

The well-planned wide streets in the old section of Mahébourg still bear testimony to this Dutch and French colonial past. After the French chose Port Louis as the main port Mahébourg declined into

The Dutch Period

In 1598 the Dutch came into the scene when Vice Admiral Vybrant Van Warwick claimed the island for the Netherlands and named it Mauritius in honour of his ruler, Prince Maurice of Nassau (Pictured on

Mahebourg, Mauritius

Description Mahebourg named after the famous french Governor Mahe La Bourdonnais but pronounced may burg, was once a busy port. Now it is a run down commercial centre with a small fishing fleet.

Cafe du Vieux Conseil

Business/Services. Restaurant Few other Restaurant in Mauritius: Chinese Restaurant Canton 15 Emmanuel Anquetil Street Port Louis Mauritius Cafe des Iles, Kissaten Ltd. Air Mauritius Centre - J.

Bank of Mauritius (Port Louis)

Bank of Mauritius (Port Louis) Bank of Mauritius which is the Central Bank of the Republic of Mauritius. Standing at the cent re of the Mauritian financial system, the Bank is committed to promoting and maintaining monetary and

Pointe du Diable

Devils Point, 8km north of Vieux Grand Port, was once the site of a French coastal battery. The cannons remain.

Port Agency Services (Mauritius) Ltd

Port Agency Services Mauritius Ltd provides: 1. Port Agency Representation 2. Charterers Representation 4. Crew Repatriation 5. Dry Docking Attendance 6. Clearing and Forwarding