Trou aux Cerfs

Possibly the main attraction of Curepipe is the Trou aux Cerfs crater. It's been extinct for a long time and the crater floor is now heavily wooded, but the crater affords excellent views around the island. A tarred road leads gently up to and around the rim.


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Description Curepipe is the island's main urban centre, a pleasant town which lacks the atmospere of Port Louis but has good shops and restaurants. Curepipe has the flavour of an English market town

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Mauritius is a volcanic island, measuring 58km (36mi) from north to south and 47km (29mi) from east to west. It lies in the Indian Ocean, roughly 800km (500mi) east of Madagascar, 3860km (2400mi)

The East Coast

The East Coast district of Flacq is quieter than Trou aux Biche or areas on the West Coast. Beaches are the major attraction and as usual, big hotels have picked prime stretches but there is still

Trou aux Biches Village Hotel

Trou Aux Biches Hotel in Mauritius On the Northern coast of the island, protected against the wind, Trou aux Biches, named after the typical fishermen’s village it is nestled in, has acquired a reputation bordering on the myth when it

Plaine Champagne to Bassin Blanc and Chemin Grenier

This walk begins about 3km south of Le Petrin along the road towards Plaine Champagne. Heading south, look for the spot where the road makes a sharp turn to the right and two trails branch off to the

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Info on Business, Tourism, Media, Sport, Culture Mauritius is a small island situated in the Indian Ocean. We are connected via direct flights to almost every capital city. So getting there is relatively easy. The island is about 720 square miles

Easterlies Ltd

Easterlies Ltd Operating since 1989 our company was the pioneer of excursions on catamarans. Easterlies Ltd was born of the passion of 2 men for sailing, Mr. Amedee Poupard and Mr. Jacques Le Clezio. Developing