Mauritius is promoted primarily as a beach destination, few people are aware of the attraction of walking, trekking or hiking around the island's interior. Only a handful of travellers choose to incorporate trekking in their holiday. Tour operators may be able to offer some advice or recommend somebody who knows about trekking opportunities on the island. Mauritius Mountains are better suited to hikers and trekkers than to climbers. There are 27 routes and landmarks include Le Pouce (the thumb), Deux Mamelles (two breasts or udders), Pieter Both (the peak with an egg-shaped boulder balancing precariously on top), Lion Mountain, le Morne Brabant and Snail Rock Marsh. The most dramatic and spectacular regions of Mauritius lie in the western half of the island. A trek up to le Piton Grand Bassin is a must on the itinerary of visitors, and the Piton, which is simply a high point on the rim of the crater in which the Bassin lies will take only a few minutes of easy scrambling to reach.


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Mauritius Island On-Line, US-based Mauritius portal is an interactive portal providing business and tourist information to visitors and citizens of the island of Mauritius. Hotels, Resorts, Holiday Packages, Entertainment, Real estate,

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Le Pouce, the prominent thumb-shaped peak which towers over Port Louis and Moka, is an easy climb and makes a great introduction to walking in Mauritius. To reach the trailhead from Port Louis,

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