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Natural Features: Small coastal plain rising to discontinuous mountains encircling central plateau
Rainy Seasons: Dec-Apri
Accommodation: Mauritius has several luxury resorts as well as budget accommodation. Luxury resorts include Sugar Beach, Le Saint Geran and Royal Palm.
Culture: The musical instruments used in Mauritius are the ravane, a kind of large tambourine that gives the sega its tam-tam rhythm, and the bob, a musical arc of african origin played to accompany creole songs. Sega parties are held regularly at the big hotels.
Food: Mauritius has a wide variety of cuisine, most of which is based on the abundance of seafood. You will find Creole, Chinese, European and Indian food restaurants. For a truly Mauritian treat, try the daube octopus stew
Post and Communications: The postal service is widespread, efficient and reliable. Even the tiniest village has its own post office. Telephone services are similarly efficient.
Shopping: Souvenirs that can be bought from curio shops in Mauritius include hand-embroidered shirts and sarees, woodwork, objects depicting local animals, Chinese embroidery, Indian pottery and model ships.
Tipping: A 10 percent tip is expected in hotels and restaurants that do not include a service charge.


Getting There:
Air: International airlines flying to Mauritius include Air Mauritius, British Airways, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. The airport is 48 km from Port Louis.
Sea: MV Mauritius runs regular services between Reunion and Rodrigues

Best Time To Visit: April-June and September-Novermber
Road: A bus service is available across the islands. Also there are plenty of taxis.

Driving: National Licence required. International Driving Permit recommended, temporary licenced available from local authorities.

Health and Safety
Passport, Visa, Health and Compusory Vacination

Religion: Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Protestant, Roman Catholic
Languages: Bojpoori, Creole, En, Fr, Hakka, Hi, Ur
GDP: $3590 per capita
Currency: Mauritian Rupee = 100 cents (MUR)
Credit Cards: Most hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops and banks accept American express Diner's Club, Master Card
Time: GMT+4
International Dialing Code: 230
International Radios: BBC KHz :(daytime) 17885,11940,9770, (evening) 21470,11940,6005
Business Hours: Offices open from 9.00 to 16.00 Monday to Friday and from 9.00 to 12.00 on Saturday. Banks open from 9.15 to 15.15 Monday to Thursday and from 9.00 to 17.00 on Friday. Shops are open from 01000 to 1700 Monday to Friday, 1000 to 1200 Satarday (Port Louis), 1000 to 1800 Monday to Wednesday and Friday to Saturday, 1000 to 1200
Weekly Days Off: Saturday and Sunday
Public Holidays: Ganesh Chaturthi (Sep 14) , Ganesh Chaturthi (Sep 14), Divali (Oct 27), All Saints Day (Nov 1), Christmas Day (Dec 25), Eid Ul Fitr (Dec 26), New Years Day (Jan 1), Chinese Spring Festival (Jan 24-26), National Day (Mar 12), Ougadi (Mar 18), Labour Day (May 1)

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