This is a Hindu and Tamil fire-walking ceremony in honour of various gods. The ceremonies occur throughout the year, but mostly in December and January. After fasting and bathing, the participants walk over red-hot embers scattered along the ground. The Hindu temples at Camp Diable, The Vale and Quatre Bornes are noted for this event. A feat along similar lines is sword climbing, seen mostly between April and June. The best demonstrations occur at Solitude, Triolet and Mt Choisy, in the northwest.


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Maha Shivaratri

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Varusha Pirappu

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Culture & Language of Mauritius

Culture & Language of Mauritius The feasts in Mauritius are as various as the origin of the Mauritians and their religions. Visitors of the island shouldn't be afraid to attend the feasts. New Year (January 1st & 2nd) / Yaum

Thaipoosam Cavadee

The cavadee is a woodern arch decorated with flowers and palm leaves, with pots of milk (sambos) suspended from each end of the base. Devotees carry the cavadee from the bank of a river to a temple

Mount Climbing

Behind Casela Bird Park stands Mauritius' 'Matterhorn' the Montagne du Rempart. You can drive up to the base and park at Tamarin Pumping Station, just off the beginning of road to Magenta. The climb

Sittarai Cavadee

Tamil religious celebration (April/May). This morning in temples throughout the country - The Sittarai Cavadee celebrated in devotion.

Mont Choisy Hotel

Mont Choisy Hotel Nestling in a pretty garden a few kilometres from Trou aux Biches and Grand Baie, Mont Choisy Hotel overlooks a delightful beach of golden sand bordered by filao trees. The beachfront hotel offers