Team SYNthesis (Mauritius & Africa) Ltd

Team SYNthesis (Mauritius & Africa) Ltd
F2 Magic Lantern Complex 307 Royal Road
Rose Hill
(230) 464 2444
(230) 454 9591

Team SYNthesis offers the Project Management Office and Corporate Planning Office strategic enabling tool for the senior management of organizations to manage their daily critical activities. Team SYNthesis also forms the backbone in which a best-practice Project Management training programme can be formulated. Team SYNthesis is a business process management tool that has been successfully implemented in our region for companies with employees ranging from 5 to 5,000. The critical Team SYNthesis value proposition that we believe will be useful to vision-centric companies in forward looking organizations and other big MNCs is in the areas of enforcing compliance and governance, two very challenging areas that require constant top management attention in order to foster continuous growth and success. Any practical automation in these two areas saves top management time and more importantly, enables them to focus on their core competencies which we believe are business growth strategies and client engagement.



  • Software Development
  • Consultancy

Products and Services:

  • Team SYNthesis KPI-based
  • Programme / Project Management tool
  • Business-IT Strategy Formulation, BPR, BPM, Business Transformation Services
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