Music and Dance

The Sega is originated from African music since the period of slavery. The sega is performed in a way to reflect the contemporary influence with the introduction of instruments for percussion. The rubbing of the feet, the swinging of the hips, the texts in creole are integral part of the music. Local representations are numerous especially on Saturday nights. The Bobre, a musical arc of African origin is used to accompany the creole melody.
The musical instruments used in Mauritius are the ravane, a kind of big tambourine that gives to the sega its tam-tam rhythm and the 'plomb', another musical arc played to accompany the creole songs.


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The Mauritian Sega song and Dance

The Mauritian Sega - What is it? In her book on Mauritius entitled Culture Shock!: Mauritius, Roseline NgCheong-Lum has described the Mauritian Sega in the following terms: ‘It is both song and dance

Language and Culture

Even if the official language is English, the language that is better understood and spoken after the 'Creole' is french. Teaching is performed in English as well as the administration but the press

Sega Dance on different locations

Picture No.1 - Sega by night on the beach Picture No.2 - Sega by day on the beach

Travel Facts

Natural Features: Small coastal plain rising to discontinuous mountains encircling central plateau Rainy Seasons: Dec-Apri Accommodation: Mauritius has several luxury resorts as well as budget

Restaurants & Nightlife in Mauritius

Restaurants & Nightlife in Mauritius The restaurants are as various as the mauritian cuisine: French, Creole, Indian and Chinese and this often combined. In the cities and tourism centres are a great choice of restaurants; from small

Cafe Creole

Business/Services. Restaurant Few other Restaurant in Mauritius: padoo, Naidoo (Restaurant Naidoo) La Sourdine L'Escalier Mauritius Beny Restaurant Royal Rd BelleMare Mauritius

Pristine White Beaches

In the north of Mauritius are the pristine white beaches that make the island famous. This area is also a water sports lover's paradise. Wide arrays of resorts are available among them the Maritim