Ministry of Youth & Sports

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Ministry of Youth & Sports

The Ministry of Youth and Sports deals with the formulation and implementation of Government policies in the field of Youth and Sports.


The Ministry is divided into two main sections, namely

  • Youth Section and
  • Sports Section

Mission Statement

To create an enabling environment and act as a catalyst and facilitator for the promotion and development of youth and sports at regional, national and international levels.

Vision of the Statement

To be responsive to the aspirations and needs of youth empowering them for a better future and fostering a culture of sports among the citizens.


We Practice and Promote the following values

Integrity: We are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics.

Accessibility/Transparency: We practice an open door policy and we operate in all fairness and transparency.

Quality: We are result oriented and committed To provide the services of the highest quality to our customers.

Teamwork: We foster teamwork and the sharing of information and resources.

Timeliness: We are responsive and strive to meet targets.

Youth Section

The Youth Section believes that young people from any background are capable of making the most of their abilities and talents when they are given two essential things – opportunity and support. The Youth Section is committed to providing both.


  • Devise a National Youth Training Programme
  • Provide youth platforms at regional and national levels
  • Provide support to youth to enable them to set up their own business
  • Encourage youth exchange programmes
  • Promote leisure activities during school holidays
  • Encourage young people to join youth centers
  • Devise a plan of action for young people to have access to new technologies


In order to achieve its objectives, the Youth Section is involved in the organisation of and participation in a wide array of activities/programmes at the national, regional and international levels.

These activities/programmes are primarily run through various Youth Centres found in various regions of the island. These centres are fully equipped and are meant to give maximum opportunities to young people to indulge in healthy leisure, vocational and sports activities.

Sports Section:

Athletisme: Brevet d'Etat du Cadre Sportif

Badminton: Information at Regional Level

Basketball: Sports Medical Unit

Boxe: Utilisation of National Badminton Centre

Football: Utilisation of Sports Documentation Centre

Judo: Utilisation of Rose Hill Sports Complex

Karaté/Natation: Utilisation of Stadia

Tennis de Table/Tae Kwon Do/Volleyball: Utilisation of Swimming Pools

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