Ministry of Housing & Lands

Level 3, Moorgate House
Sir William Newton Street
Port Louis
230 213 6454
Ministry of Housing & Lands

Objectives of the Ministry


  • To provide a solid basis for the long term physical development of the nation which supports the new national development strategy and direct development in a manner which will integrate economic competitiveness with environmental sustainability and social equity.
  • To support and encourage rather than restrict private sector development activities.
  • To provide the special context for a co-ordinated approach to a physical infrastructure planning and programming which supports national development objectives.
  • To integrate land use planning with the forthcoming new transport choice.
  • To reinforce and modernise the legal and institutional structure for physical development planning, control and enforcement so that meaningful and lasting results can be achieve.
  • To satisfy the housing and land needs of the people of Mauritius.
  • To achieve more effective management and use of State Lands.
  • To devise plans, policies and programmes which are robust, flexible and balanced.

Mission of the Ministry

  • To prepare a National Development Strategy (NDS), for the long term growth and physical development of the country, its city, towns and rural areas, areas of significant environment conservation or restriction including coastal/lagoon areas and other significant land use opportunity and constraint areas.
  • To provide a framework for local authorities i.e. Outline Schemes, to guide and control development in their area.
  • To prepare a series of Guidance Notes for each key sector or topic to guide major new applications and developments.
  • To manage and control development on State Lands.
  • To devise and implement housing and land policies and programmes to meet the needs of the people here, in particular the vulnerable groups of our society.

Vision of the Ministry

The vision of the Ministry of Housing & Lands is to have a planned development of the territory of Mauritius where it will be pleasant to live and work, where business can thrive and prosper and where the natural beauty of the country will be preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come.

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