Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

Protocol Directorate
5th Floor New Government Centre
(230) 201-1139
(230) 208 8087/212 6764
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Our Mission


To develop and implement a foreign policy that -

  • safeguards and promotes the national interests of the Republic of Mauritius; and
  • contributes towards the building of a secure, equitable, democratic and peaceful international community.

Our Objectives

  1. To defend the sovereignty, and integrity of the Republic of Mauritius as defined by our Constitution and promote the national interests of the Republic of Mauritius at bilateral, regional and international levels.
  2. To assist and protect the rights and interests of Mauritians abroad.
  3. To pursue a pro-active, adaptable and pragmatic economic and political diplomacy with a view to achieving sustainable economic growth and development and to participate actively in the rapidly globalising world economy.
  4. To work towards the establishment of a stable, peaceful and equitable international order characterised, inter alia, by -
  5. To strengthen the process of regional cooperation and integration.


Views of Protocol Matters

The views of the protocol Directorate are regularly sought on a number of issues relating to the ceremonial system of fixed rules and accepted behaviour.

Such requests include information on order of precedence, food preferences, types of gifts, order of names on a Memorial Plaque, seating plan, events management and other matters that sometimes require meticulous thought and enormous responsibility.

Assistance to Mauritians Abroad

It includes attending to difficulties faced by Mauritians abroad ranging from problems encountered during studies to assault/robbery cases and meeting parties in Mauritius whose parents/children might be facing problems abroad.

Demise/Arrest of Mauritians

Special arrangements have to be made with our Missions abroad for the landing of mortal remains supported by relevant documentation. There is a need to also ensure that our nationals who have been arrested abroad are receiving necessary care in penitentiary institutions abroad (when we are aware of same).


Arrangements have to be made with concerned authorities for the return to Mauritius nationals in distress abroad.

Visa Policy and Related issues

It entails working on policy issues regarding visas in consultation with the Prime Minister's Office, the Office of the Solicitor General, the Passport and Immigration Office and the Police Department as well as the day-to-day requests for information on visa processing.

Civil Status Matters

We normally act as a bridge between the Civil Status Office and our Missions and Consulates abroad onmatters relating to marriage, adoption, registration of briths etc.

Police Clearance/Morality Certificate

Protocol Drectorate normally liaises with the Police and Judicial authorities for Mauritian nationals requiring those documents abroad.


We also handle complaints by Mauritians against foreign representatives in Mauritius and these have to be handled with tact and care.

Work/Residence Permits

Foreigners working for international organisations often call upon us to facilitate the obtention of the necessary permits from the concerned authorities in Mauritius.

Authentication of Driving Licences

We provide the bridge between the Office of the Commissioner of Police and Missions abroad on this matter.

Authentication/Legislation of Documents

Mauritius being a party to the Convention on Legalisation of documents, the Protocol Directorate assists the Prime Minister's Office in legalising official Mauritian documents which are meant for use abroad.

Transfer of Prisoners/Extradition Procedures

We usually facilitate the process of transfer and / or extradition in consultation with all concerned authorities. We also assist in the conclusion of appropriate agreements with foreign countries to this effect.

Citizens Matters

The Directorate attends to requests for information on claim/renunciation/application in respect of Mauritian citizenship and liaises with the Prime Minister's Office with respect to such matters.

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