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Radio Broadcasting in Mauritius started on a private basis on 9 August 1927 by one Mr. Charles Jollivet with a Medium Wave radio transmitter of 1 kilowatt assembled by himself, two manual record payers and a carbon granule microphone. The station was lodged at his residence in Beau Bassin and was known as "Radio Maurice". It was later transferred to the attic of the Plaza Theatre in Rose Hill. The daily programme consisted mainly of music and news and lasted for 2 hours.

A second station under the aegis of the "Société des Radiophilles" set up by one Mr. P. Adam came into operation around 1937. It was originally located at his residence in Forest Side and was later moved to the Town Hall in Curepipe. The broadcast was made by a Philips Transmitter of 60 watts – wavelengths 42 metres. It was mainly used to send messages to the members of the Société.

By the end of the Second World War, "France Libre d’Outremer" was taken over by Government and was merged with the "Société des Radiophilles" of Curepipe. This was the prelude for the birth and development of a national broadcasting station, for as from 1st July 1944 the Mauritius Broadcasting Service (MBS) was set up as a sub-department of the Government Public Relations Office, then managed by Mr. H. Ardill and Dr. Vaughn – Head of Information Services. Transmission was done from the studio in Plaza, Rose Hill until 1946 when the station was transferred to the then Teachers’ Training College at Forest Side – now PSC building. Three segments of programmes (Morning, Midday and Evening) were broadcast daily using a second hand Short Wave transmitter converted to a Medium Wave – 225 metres wavelengths. At about the same time the Globe Reuters News Service, formerly the Government Press Service, was annexed to the MBS and administered jointly.

Over the years broadcasting expanded considerably in terms of structure (building and equipment), broadcast hours and variety of programmes both in content and languages.

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