Mauritius International Trust Company Limited (MITCO)

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Mauritius International Trust Company Ltd (MITCO)

The MITCO Group comprises three professional firms namely Mauritius International Trust Company Limited (MITCO), MITCO Corporate Services Ltd (MCS) and MITCO Limited in the Seychelles (MCL).


Founded in 1993, Mauritius International Trust Company Ltd (MITCO), a Management Licensed Company, is licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius to provide a full range of Trust, Corporate and Fund services. MITCO has built a reputation for being an efficient and cost effective "one stop shop" in Mauritius for a range of professional services to private and corporate clients.

MITCO Corporate Services Ltd (MCS) offers secretarial, accounting and tax services to those investors who wish to form a domestic company to conduct to conduct business activities in Mauritius.

MITCO Limited (MCL) has been incorporated in Seychelles and obtained its licence from the Seychelles International Business Authority [SIBA] to operate as a Corporate Service Provider.MCL can offer assistance with the setting up of Seychelles International Business Company [IBC] and Seychelles Company Special License [CSL].

Whilst offshore structuring has always been extensively used by investors, individual or corporate, there are still many entrepreneurs who are unaware of the benefits of using offshore entities for tax planning and asset protection shelter for their business. In times of financial crisis, corporate structuring and planning have attained higher levels of complexity with the need for confidentiality and privacy becoming stronger, thus creating the need for going offshore.

According to each investor's objective, there are many reasons to go offshore, namely:

To receive higher returns and pay nil or minimum tax.

  • Asset Protection - to secure assets in safe jurisdictions against possible future claims.
  • Estate Planning - to enhance long-term benefits for children on a favourable tax basis (without income, inheritance or capital gains taxes) in a stable offshore jurisdiction.
  • Confidentiality - to help to keep private and business affairs away from the public eyes
  • International Tax Planning - Advantageous use of foreign jurisdictions and their tax rules for reduction of tax liability.

The MITCO Group provides a full range of International Tax and Fiduciary services to both corporate and individual investors who utilize Mauritius as a base for their international business operations or for conducting business in Mauritius and Seychelles.

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