Mauritius Cities and Towns


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Location & Geography

Mauritius, an independent state, is situated at 890 KM east of Madagascar (as shown in the map below), between 19°50' and 20°32' of south latitude and 57°18' and 57°46' of East Longitude. Reunion,

Hotels Mauritius

Hotels Mauritius Hotels Mauritius is a full-service travel agency based in Mauritius offering luxury hotels, middle-class hotels, villas and holiday apartments in Mauritius. Hotels Mauritius also provides all-

Mauritius Island On-Line, US-based Mauritius portal

Mauritius Island On-Line, US-based Mauritius portal is an interactive portal providing business and tourist information to visitors and citizens of the island of Mauritius. Hotels, Resorts, Holiday Packages, Entertainment, Real estate,

Mauritius Holidays

Holiday packages Mauritius Holidays is operated by Travel Centre (Clapham) of London. Established in 1979, this privately-owned company is, today, recognised to be the leader in the Mauritius Market. Specialist in

The Mauritius Molasses Co. Ltd.

The Mauritius Molasses Co. Ltd. is export of molasses Located in Port-Louis, Mauritius. The Company is a Member of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Restaurants & Nightlife in Mauritius

Restaurants & Nightlife in Mauritius The restaurants are as various as the mauritian cuisine: French, Creole, Indian and Chinese and this often combined. In the cities and tourism centres are a great choice of restaurants; from small

Air Mauritius Centre

Air Mauritius Centre The destiny of Air Mauritius is forged in the ambition of the people of Mauritius who, since accession to independence, refused the perspective of isolation. Air Mauritius was also approved as a JAR