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Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture

On 16th November 1853, some three hundred representatives of the agricultural community of Mauritius assembled with the purpose of founding an Agricultural Society, which became officially in 1893, the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture. It was in fact the administrative committee, comprising thirty members and appointed on that day to manage the Society, which was initially called “Chamber of Agriculture”.


As one of the main voices of the agricultural community, the Chamber has striven to carry out its first mission, which is to promote and safeguard the interest of agriculture, of agricultural industries and of all other industries depending thereon. It has, in this respect, played a major role in the development of agriculture in Mauritius and of related fields, namely agronomy, research, technology, training and commerce, among others.

Formulation of policies and strategies

The Chamber provides a high-level forum for an exchange of ideas and views and for the formulation of general policies and strategies on all major issues pertaining to the development of agriculture and agricultural industries.

Problem solving:

Alert to the economic situation of agricultural producers as well as to their problems and concerns, the Chamber acts as a honest broker in bringing to the attention of the authorities, representations referred to it by its members or by producer groups of the sector.

Initiating and supporting projects/plans

The Chamber fully supports the initiatives of its members as concerns the development of specific projects. Amongst such projects are the research project on palmshoot processing, the irrigation project of northern sugar estates, and the integrated farming project.

Participation in the elaboration of action plans and studies

The Chamber is regularly consulted by the authorities and by other partners of the sector for the definition of action plans and the realisation of impact studies, for example, the Sugar Sector Strategic Plan (2001), and the Multi Annual Adaptation Strategy Action Plan 2006-2015 for the sugar sector, amongst others.

Information analysis and dissemination

The Chamber is also responsible for establishing a database on agricultural activities in Mauritius, which is made available to its members and to other partners of the sector. It also ensures that the relevant information is conveyed to the press and media, whenever necessary.

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