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The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, formerly known as The Mauritian Wildlife Appeal Fund is the only non-governmental organisation in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation of endemic species. The MWF works in close co-operation with the Government with whom a Memorandum of Agreement was signed in 1994. The objectives of the foundation are:


To conserve and manage the indigenous flora and fauna of Mauritius and its territories.

To raise and supply funds necessary for the conservation projects undertaken by the MWF and its associate organizations.

To co-ordinate and administer these projects.

To inform, educate and involve the Mauritian people in this vital work.

Man, as is often the case, caused the irreversible loss of native plants and animals by interfering with the fragile equilibrium in nature.

Following a report written by Sir Peter Scott, international organisations started getting involved in conservation projects in Mauritius, in 1973. The first major project was that of the Peregrine Fund, USA, for the conservation of the Mauritius Kestrel. They used a private bird collection in Mauritius to set up a captive breeding project. At that time, only 4 kestrels were known to exist.

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