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The Accommodation Portal for the Indian Ocean.

Advertisements former offers all types of accommodation in the Indian Ocean (for the time being only Mauritius) including Apartments in Mauritius, Beach Villas in Mauritius, Bed and Breakfast in Mauritius, Bungalows in Mauritius, Complexes in Mauritius, Guest Houses in Mauritius, Hotels in Mauritius, Mountain Chalets in Mauritius, Rooms in Mauritius, Studios in Mauritius, Villas in Mauritius and low budget accommodation in Mauritius.

Each type of accommodation in Mauritius will have the necessary information and photos needed to help you decide the type of accommodation you will need for your holidays in Mauritius.

We are in the process of completing this Accommodation portal for the Indian Ocean starting with Mauritius Hotels.

However, you can browse through our Indian Ocean Tourism News to view the different tourism news categories and obviously the latest news in the Indian Ocean.

Should you wish to be informed when this accommodation portal, for the Indian Ocean, is updated or data added within the respective categories mentioned above.

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