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No island on earth offers such a variety of beautiful beaches and lagoons. On the west coast are the public beaches of Tamarin, (well-known to surfers for its big waves), Flic en Flac, which provides a fine lagoon with shallow waters, Albion, pointe aux Sables, Baie du Tombeau and others. The northern coastline has many delightful beaches - Pointe aux Piments, famous for its underwater scenery, Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy, one the most popular: Grand Baie, the main center for yachting, fishing, water skiing and Pereybere - probably one of the best bathing beaches.


In the extreme north, offering magnificent views of the coastal islands are the little fishing villages of Cap Malheureux and Grand Gaube.

Along the East Coast are the long white, sandy beaches like Roches Noires, which extends to Poste la Fayette. A few miles away; Belle Mare, Palmar, Trou d'Eau Douce are the names of fine sweeps of sand and crystal clear water, which are favored as resorts during the hot season (because of the fresh prevailing winds blowing from the sea). Blue Bay in the southeast, offers a deep clean bathing area as suggested by its name.

Down south, the coast is made up of high cliffs, which drop abruptly into the sea - a complete contrast with the gentle coastline of the north coast. Le Bouchon, Gris-Gris, souillac and Baie du Cap are beautiful viewpoints but are not recommended for swimming. Moreover; some good beaches like Riamble and Pomponette also exist on this 'Wild' coast.

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Big Game Fishing
Mauritius is a paradise for big game fishing. You may choose between the blue or black marlin, all kind of sharks, the yellow tuna, the bonito, the baskin shark, the 'becune', the barracuda, etc. From November to April and quite often until May fishing buddy come around to hunt near the island where the depth is about 700 meters and about 1 mile from the shore. Mauritius has several world records for fishing (GFA) among which is that of Mako of 1,115 pounds, that of the blue shark of 400 pounds and that of the bonito of 41.5 pounds and the African records (GFUA) - the one of a 'becune' of 125 pounds, the yellow tuna of 212 pounds and the white tuna of 224 pounds. Other records include the blue marlin of 1430 and 1355 pounds. Also read Deep Sea Fishing

Leaving Mauritius without big game fishing is to miss out on a truly exciting experienced of the Mauritian scene. Mauritian waters abound with large varieties of fish: black and blue marlins, dorados, all types of sharks, sailfish yellow-fin tunas, wahoos, barracudas and bonitos, among others. Probably feeding the big predators close to shore anywhere else in the world can be seen. Mauritius holds several world records: mako shark - 1,115 lb; blue shark - 400lb; bonito - 41,5 lb etc..

Big game fishing competitions are organized from October to March during where about 600 marlins are usually boated and weighed.

From March to May is the yellow-fin tuna season. The main fishing activities extend from the southwest to the north coast. Boats for deep=sea fishing may be booked through most of the beach hotels. The overage tariff is Rs 6,500 to Rs 9,000 for 6 hours (07:00 to 13:00) and Rs 8,000 to Rs 11,000 for 9 hours (07:00 to 16:00). These tariffs may vary according to category of boats.

Fishing boats
Modern fishing boats are well equipped and designed for sport fishing - will take you at full speed over the coral reefs at 3 nautical miles from the shore. Reservation available for big game fishing, you may ask the coastal hotels of the island. These boats are equipped with all amenities, security equipments and modern communicating system allowing the captains to communicate among themselves and the various centers. Fishing centers has been setup to welcome visitors: restaurants, swimming pools, water sports, discotheque, pool rooms, TV & all others are just ready to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

The minimum rental is of six hours and the rate may be shared between five fishermen, as most of these boats have 3 fishing seats at the back as well as flying buttress on the side that allows to drag 5 fishing lines at the same time.

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Mauritius offers excellent possibilities to do nautical sports. In many hotels, the cost of renting windsurfs board, water ski, drifter, kayaks, pedalo are included in the price. The instructors will guide you free initiation course for novices. Diving and big game fishing can be done at reasonable price.

The Blue Safari 600 is a submarine with 5 places for passengers. It is capable of going down up to 50 meters depth. For one hour, comfortable in a pressurized cabin, totally transparent and air-conditioned, you live the experiences as seen on documentaries on the submarine flora and fauna.

Discover the underwater world of Mauritius with the 'Nessee'. Unique in Mauritius, this semi-submersible will give you a panoramic view of the corals and the underwater world of Mauritius. This wonderful Nessee Excursion experience is carried out on total security conditions and with maximum of comfort : Air conditioning, optimal panoramic view that will make the trip a real pleasure available to everyone.

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Sailing conditions are excellent. Small boats are available at most hotels. Excursions in the open sea to coastal islands around Mauritius are offered by yachting organizations.


Natural History Museum
Mauritius Institute
La Chaussée
Port Louis (Capital City; located on the North West coast of the island)
Tel: 212-0639

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Museum
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam
Port Louis
Tel: 242-0053

National Postal Museum
Beside the General Post Office
Port Louis

Museum of Photography & gallery
Rue du Vieux Conseil
Port Louis

Naval Museum
Mahebourg (a populated place in Grand Port, Mauritius)
Tel: 631-9329

Robert Edward Hart museum / gallery
Souillac (a populated place in Savanne, Mauritius)
Tel: 625-6101

S. Bissoondoyal Museum
Tyack (a populated place in Savanne, Mauritius)

Tea Museum
Bois Cheri (South of the island)
Tél: 617-4516

Nightlife and Bars
Most Night clubs and bars open as from 23.00 and close at around 04.30 in the morning. They normally open on Friday and Saturday nights. Some hotels also have their own night clubs. Entrance fees start from Rs. 200 (5 euros) but entrance to pubs are free.

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