Le Mauricien (Popular Newspaper in Mauritius)

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Le Mauricien (Popular Newspaper in Mauritius)

Le Mauricien is a French-language newspaper, based and distributed in Mauritius. The newspaper, founded in 1908, is released daily and is one of the most read in Mauritius. The publishers, Le Mauricien Ltd., also publish Week-End, Week-End Scope, and Turf Magazine.


It is also the most colourful newspaper of the island with sixteen out of twenty-four colour pages. It is an independent newspaper with strong editorial content.

Le Mauricien celebrates its hundredth anniversary in 2008. It has been edited by the country's most reputed writers like Raoul Rivet, Andre Masson, Lindsay Riviere and Gilbert Ahnee.

The newspaper reduced its size by adopting the conventional broadsheet format.

"Le Mauricien" adopted the offset press in 1978 and subsequently experienced changes namely by growing from four pages to the current twenty-four daily edition. Its price has evolved as well.

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