Language and Culture

Even if the official language is English, the language that is better understood and spoken after the 'Creole' is french. Teaching is performed in English as well as the administration but the press is mainly in french. Among the oriental languages spoken, Hindi is the most common one.
The Creole has had the function to propagate the popular art, specially in the field of songs, theater and a little amount in literature. It without doubt that it is in the field of songs that the creole language has primed in its melody that accompany the dances from African origin that is known as the SEGA.


A mosaic of ethnic groups, namely Indians, Chinese, Creoles and Europeans. About theater, the Creole language has gone through a remarkable boost. As for literature, since the adoption of a common orthographe, the Creole has made its way with poets, writers and novelists that use it.

Apart from Creole, French and English, seven oriental languages are used in Mauritius. Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati and Sanskrit all come from India. The most common language of Indian origin used in Mauritius is Bhojpuri.

All the ethnic groups live together since their youth at school. Two languages from Chinese origin also are spoken : Cantonese and the Hakka.

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Emergencies The emergency number for the Police, Fire Brigate and Ambulance in Mauritius is: 999. In case of necessity local police stations can be contacted through the Police Switchboard,