Institute of Consumer Protection, Mauritius

Institute of Consumer Protection, Mauritius
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Institute of Consumer Protection, Mauritius

The Institute for Consumer Protection (ICP) has been setup in 1983. Originally,it started as a breastfeeding promotion group and later evolved as a full fledge national consumer protection. ICP has three distinct departments namely The Consumer Protection department.


The Maternal and Child health Department also known as MAPBIN and The Information and Education Department.

ICP is partly funded by the government and the other funding sources are its membership, sales of publications and project funds.


Complaint Handling:

One of ICP's most popular services is Complaint Handling. The Institute handles about 300 complaints monthly, ranging from problems arising out of credit buying, after sales service, payment of indemnities by insurance company, transport services, landlord and tenant relationship, etc.
A devoted team of trained officers attend to all complaints. About 95% of the complaints handled by this office are dealt with amicably to the satisfaction of all parties. The rests are often either referred to other authorities for further action or are referred to a court of justice.

ICP has developed regional offices called: CRAC (Consumer Rights Advice Centres) in various regions of the island to be able to better serve consumers in their respective areas. Hence 3 CRAC exist in The first one is at the Muncipality of Vacoas/Phoenix. The second one is at the Sub Office District Council, Central Flacq. The thrid is at MAPBIN Day Care Centre, Petit Verger,Goodlands.

Product Testing:

Although ICP does not have laboratories of its own yet, it indulges nevertheless in some simple product testing with the assistance of government authorities. Hence tests are being carried to the tune of one test every month.


IPC sits on various government bodies to represent consumers' interest at decision-making level.
As one of its mandate, ICP represents consumers views and interest on a number of government and para-statal bodies, and intervene at the decision-making process.

Consumer Education:

Consumer Education classes are run by IPC staff at three levels namely schools, community and factories With regard to consumer education, it is interesting to point out that ICP has been the first national body to launch, with the blessings of the Ministry of Education, a formal program of CE in secondary schools in 1992. The add the following in the next paragraph ICP offered training to 40 Social Welfare Officers from the Ministry of Social Security in 1993.

In January 2002 with the blessing of 'Bureau de l'Education Catholique' (BEC) ICP has launched Consumer Education (CE)Program in 11 primary schools.

ICP carries out C.E at community level as well as on informal basis. All Community Welfare Centres are visited by our officers with a view to conducting C.E classes. Our field workers are fully involved in Consumer Education at the grassroot and factory levels.

Information Through Media:

1. One hour live Radio program entitled Radio Plus ' Droits des Consommateurs

2. Two half hour TV Program every month (Every two Mondays) 'Consomag'

3. Collaboration in the local press on issues of Consumer interest.

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