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Industrial and Vocational Training Board

The Industrial and Vocational Training Board, set up under the IVT Act No.8 of 1988, became operational in 1989.


It was assigned the roles of regulator, facilitator, and provider of training. In 2001, Government decided that the organisation would focus on its role as an enhanced provider of training, leaving the regulatory role to the Mauritius Qualifications Authority, and the role of facilitator to the Human Resource Development Council. The IVT Act was subsequently amended.

The IVTB has grown at a very fast pace over the last 16 years and today operates 12 Training Centres providing courses in more than 50 different fields at different levels including some at tertiary level as well. It has created a solid reputation and the IVTB is today a household word. It has helped to train more than 50,000 persons directly through its centres.

Government’s decision to make the IVTB an enhanced provider of training has come at a very opportune time as review of the TVET Sector is high of the national agenda. The IVTB has always aimed at ensuring that responds to the training needs of the existing and emerging sectors of the economy.

The IVTB is presently operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.


Leading training and skills development for employability.


To Provide relevant training for the development of a flexible and skilled workforce.

Tranining Services:

As an enhanced provider of training, IVTB is committed to improve employability and work performance through innovative training solutions. We take this challenge seriously as we grow to become one of largest training provider in TVET (Technical Vocational and Educational Training) in Mauritius and the region.

We are backed by a team of more than 225 top-calibre and dedicated trainers who share a common objective of providing top-quality training to a broad spectrum of audience. Our unique portfolio of training services covers ten distinct vocational fields:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Building and Utility Maintenance
  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Food and Beverages Services
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • IT and Multimedia
  • Printing and Graphic Design
  • Textile Production
  • Wood Technology


Centrally located in Phoenix, IVTB House accommodates the Head quarters of the Industrial and Vocational Training Board. IVTB House has a lecture theatre, a conference room and two committee rooms purposefully built and equipped with the latest technology for lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences. These facilities are put at the disposal of the public against payment.

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