Excursions In Mauritius

Land Rover Defender Safari
The 4x4 vehicle, which accommodates 6 passengers, goes across different off road tracks starting from the various viewpoints of the Seven Cascades to climb afterwards the mount Simonet (632 mts), which offers 360º spectacular views. The journey continues through Mare Longue reservoir, the Bassin Blanc (a volcanic crater), the Rochester falls, La ‘Roche qui pleure’ near Gris Gris, the natural bridge of the wild south coast. The trip ends by a visit at the Blue Bay Coral garden in a glass bottom boat and snorkeling in the Marine Park.


Dolphin Watch
The excursion is organized in a boat in the Tamarin Bay to meet the dolphin. The trip continues sometimes as far as Flic en Flac or Black River to follow the dolphins. This is a half-day trip. The full day trip comprises an excursion in the boat up to l’Ile aux Bénitiers with a barbecue.

Hiking / Trekking
Various tracks (of different levels of difficulty) are proposed which allow permanent contact with nature. Tracks from Le Pétrin to the Black River Gorges through the Macchabée forest where the visitor will experience the Mauritian tropical forest with its rare native birds and plants while enjoying the landscape.

Exciting opportunity to paddle from the mouth of the Grand River South East to a magnificent waterfall through impressive cliffs some 800 mts away.

The ballade in kayak is followed by the discovery of the Mauritian costume and flavours in a typical home of the GRSE village. After lunch the visitors are taken in a speedboat to spend the rest of the day on Ile aux Cerfs or the surrounding islets

Wild South Coast
This is a three-phased excursion to discover this part of the island that has remained untouched. The first part is a walk along the coastline from the cliffs of Le Souffleur to Le Pont Naturel and Le Bouchon village. The view is spectacular with the high jagged black basalt cliffs stretching for miles and the ocean waves battering unhindered at the base of the cliffs and creating jets of water high into the air. The second part of the trip is a visit of the craft village of Le Bouchon where in nearly each house women are involved in basket making. Most of the craft items in the tourist shops come from here. The visitors will then have lunch in one of the craftswomen home to taste the Mauritian Cuisine. After lunch the visitors are brought in a minibus to the Blue Bay beach to visit the coral garden in a glass bottom boat and snorkel in the marine park.

Rare Bird Watching
This specialized activity is done in the Macchabée forest where lovers of birds will have the opportunity to see in their natural habitat native birds like the pink pigeon, kestrel, Mauritius parakheet, cuckoo-shrike, olive white eyes, Mauritius fody etc.

L'Aventure du Sucre Museum- North Beau Plan: Mauritius Herbarium
The adventure of sugar is more than one simple museum. The inventor of this place wanted to pay homage to the thousands of “small hands” which worked in the sugar industry and which worked so that Mauritius becomes what it became today.

A free and proud country of its roots. Dream with reality, it will have taken many years of research and effort to create this museum of 5.000 m2! A museum turned towards the future which tells us the past.

You will discover then the history of Maurice since his first inhabitants, the company of the Indies, slavery, the corsairs, the art of living colonial and the beautiful sweetened history of Plane Beautiful. To as note, as you can be restored on the spot, at the restaurant “Fangourin”, within a green and flowered framework. A considered place with Maurice for his very good creole kitchen.

Botanical Garden: Jardin de Pamplemousses - North - Pamplemousses
It is an extraordinary garden, a haven of peace of 25 hectares, located at a few kilometers in the north of the Port-Louis capital. This garden conceals priceless botanical treasures: tree with spice, ebony, teak, mahogany tree, balsa, canes with sugar, mango tree, mangoustan, date palm, muscadier….

Forest of scent where mix cinnamon, the clove, camphor, the ginger or the four spices. Basin of giant water lilies, whose flowers are successively of three colors: white the morning, pinks in the course of the day, violet the evening before being closed again definitively. Gone of Cabbage trees or Talipot palm trees which flower at the end of sixty years with their gigantic flower flower of five meters.

Forest of giant bamboos (some reach more than 15 m height!) The Grapefruit garden invites to the buccolic ballade, with the meditation. Which bohnor to walk among these trees centenaries, of humer this mixture of spices, to stroll in these beautiful shaded alleys, to listen to the lapping of fish in the basins and the slappings of the giant bamboos…

Cultural Centre and Nature Park: Domaine Les Pailles - Ouest - Port Louis / Moka
At a few minutes in the south of the Port-Louis capital, with mountainside, the foot of a forgotten valley, the Field of the Straws is a window open on the colonial last rich person of Mauritius.

One discovers the old sugar field and his mill with animal sugar with haulage of the XVIIIème century, always in activity and which still produced the brown sugar of the tropics today.

The Still (1758) which still distils the rum of the Field, essential oil the distilling, the small train with its engine with vapor “Lady Alice”, the old barouches which sillonent the alleys of the field and the spice garden. But the Field the Straws, they is also, 1500 hectares of rich subtropical forests of a flora and a fauna natives (stags, wild boars, monkeys…) that one visits the time of an excursion in mountain to the foot of the mountain of the `Pouce', one of the most majestic peaks of the island.

Blue Penny Museum - West - Port Louis
Blue Penny Museum is located at Port Louis, in Caudan Waterfront. This museum was superbly carried out to shelter the formidable original all plans, paintings, sculptures and stamps of Mauritius Commercial Bank.

The MCB, Founded in 1838, expressed always a keen interest for the safeguard of the inheritance of Mauritius and constituted with the wire of the decades a rich person collection of historical and artistic works. The course of the museum is held like a voyage…

Travel on the steps of the first explorers and the successive occupations of the island. Travel in the middle of Louis Port, headlight city, a discovery of the capital from its creation to today. Philatelic voyage, since the messages in bottles to the stamps, with famous “the Post Office”, jewels of world philately. Legendary and extraordinary voyage in company of Paul and Virginia, with many rare editions of the work of Bernardin of Saint-Pierre, prints, objects and sculptures retracant this marvellous history. More info: Mauritius Postal Museum

Eureka la maison Créole - West - Moka
Eureka is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creole houses of the Island at Moka. In love ones with the beautiful residences of the colonial type will be enchanted by this visit. The house is located on the commune of Mocha coffee, in the west of the Island and close to Port-Louis. While entering this field, you will carry out a return in the past. The house and its park are of any beauty with a unique view of the canyon of the river “Moka”.

This residence was batie at the beginning of the XIXème century. It was repurchased in 1856 per Eugene Clézio (ancestor of the famous writer: Jean-Marie Gustave Clézio). This house was inhabited during 6 generations by this famous family before being resold in 1975 in Jacques De Maroussem who is always today the owner and it is thanks to him that you will be able to admire an authentic furnished colonial house, with its envoûtant garden, its cascades and its houses. Today, Euréka museum reflects the past of Mauritius through the prism of an old aristocratic family. The house has a collection of: antique furniture, old photographs , chinaware, old books, rugs, etc .. Address: La Maison Créole Euréka , Moka, T: 00 230 4338477/ 433258400 230 4338477/ 4332584, F: 00 230 433 4951, e-mail : eure...@intnet.mu, Web: Eureka la maison Créole At Moka Of Mauritius

Domaine de l'Etoile - South east - Ferney
"L'Etoile" was previously a private hunting domain now open to the public. Stubble, stones of size and ravenal forms a framework enchanter for a cordial reception. Our table of host, to Star or Red Falaise, offers a harmonious combination of authenticity Mauritian and gastronomy. According to the walk chosen, three other characteristics come to be added to these escapades out of time: Le Domaine de L'Etoile, Falaise Rouge & Le parc naturel de Ferney.

Enter the universe of vanilla, a scented liana which pushes by intertwining other plants. You will discover at the same time the gallery, with explanatory photographs and texts. The course of the coffee, in Ferney, recalls the broad outline of a production having started in the neighbourhoods of 1800. In Red Cliff, we overhang bay of Mahébourg, where the famous battle of the Large Port took place. Inside the “camping”, you will follow the chronology of this battle, through prints and accounts.

Other excursions : Trou aux Cerfs, Grand Bassin, Gorges, Chamarel, Casela, Rochester Falls, Gris Gris, Musée Edward Hart, Roche qui Pleure, Crocodile Parc, St aubin, Musée Navale, Ile aux Aigrettes, Biscuiterie Rault, Domaine du Chasseur, Ile aux Cerf, Valriche, Valée des Couleurs, Floreal, Glass Galery, Foire de Quatre Bornes, Route du Thé, Vergers de Labourdonnais ...

Sea Trip

Ile aux Cerfs - East Coast- Trou d'Eau Douce
The island with the Stags which is one of the most visited places Island Maurice finds on the East coast, opposite the small village of Fresh Water Hole. It is an island shone upon with immense shaded beaches of filaos. Kiosks, small markets and restaurants charmers give his character particular to this small island enchanter which one reaches by taking the boat with Fresh Water Trou. Criticized by the ones, adulated by the others, this island is one of the tourist florets of Maurice.

For you to return there, it is enough for you to borrow one of the many “boats taxis” at the beginning of Fresh Water Hole. You have the choice between the boat of fisherman (to count 20 minutes) or the speed boat (outboard motor boat) which connects the island in 5 minutes. You will sail along the coast, while passing in front of the splendid hotel Touessrock *****, then you will reach the small landing stage which deposits you on the island.

Ile aux Aigrettes, Catamaran, Swim with the Dolphin and snorkeling, Cruise & Sail, Undersea adventure, Big game fishing, Submarine Safari. See Also Attractions, Fishing, Flora and Fauna, Diving, Beaches, Archaeology, Marine Life, Islands in Mauritius.

Shopping: Port-Louis - North West
Port-Louis, capital of the island is often compared with small Singapore. The city is a true anthill, crawling and noisy. The old houses cotoient imposing buildings there. The beautiful colonial buildings seem lost between the old dilapidated buildings. In certain streets, one feels transported out of time and income at the time of the colonies.

Port-Louis counts today a residential population of 150.000 inhabitants, but it as many accomodates each day visitors, because this city, capital of the island east before a whole place of work, purchases and business for the Mauritians. The large majority of the averages and large companies have their registered office or at least a commercial or administrative antenna with Port Louis. Find more shopping

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Port Louis

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