Echo Parakeets

The Echo Parakeet is the world's rarest parakeet. Since 1985, MWAF has been running a project to help wild parakeet's boost their numbers through captive breeding. In the early 1990s there were only about 20 to 25 echo parakeets in Mauritius. Today that figure has risen to about 40 but there needs to be 500 before it can be considered safe from extinction.


Other species such as Black Mauritius cuckoo shrike, Mauritius black bulbul, Mascarene paradise flycatcher and Mauritius Olive white eye are also threatened. Many of these species are already down to a couple of hundred birds.

The predominant species include many introduced songbirds, such as the little red Madagascar fody, the Indian Mynah with yellow beak and feet which make it look like it's just stepped out of a cartoon, the village weaver and the most common bird on Mauritius - the Red whiskered bulbul.

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Bird Watching

In late 1950's species such as Mauritius kestrel, Pink pigeon and Echo parakeet were in immediate danger of extinction, and although numbers have grown they have not yet won the war of survival. In

Endangered Species

The best known representative of Mauritius birdlife was the dodo - a large, plump, flightless dove which found its docility rewarded with extinction in the late 17th century. Although the dodo has


Mauritius has several endemic species of birds - birds which are found nowhere else in the world. Many ornithologists or keen birders wishing to add unique species to their lists will find the long

Black River Gorges National Park (BRGNP)

Most people head for the reserve Forestiere Macchabee Forest Reserve, or Black River Gorges National Park (BRGNP). This mountainous area provides the bulk of the wild walks on the island. The

Mauritius Herbarium

The tiny tropical island of Mauritius in the south-west Indian Ocean has evolved a unique flora; almost one-third of its ca. 900 indigenous plant species are endemic. However, the survival of most

Kinds of Birds

The pink pigeon was once found all over Mauritius but now its habitat is restricted to the wet upland forests of the southwest. Feral cats, monkeys and rats brought about the demise of this tame and (General Info site) (General Info site) Mauritius is situated in the south-west of the Indian Ocean about 800 km east of Madagascar. Together with Réunion and Rodrigues it belongs to the Mascarene Islands. It has an area of 1.865 km ² and