Cuisine, Cooking and Recipes from Mauritius by Madeleine Philippe

Cuisine, cooking and recipes from Mauritius by Madeleine Philippe

The eating habits of the Mauritians inevitably reflect the ethnic diversity of its people: Creole rougailles, Indian curries, Muslim bryanis, Chinese sweet-and-sour pork, French delicate dishes, English bacon and eggs.


Basic ingredients of the Creole cuisine are the tomatoes (known as pommes d'amour), onions, ginger, garlic and chillies. Palm heart and Camarons (giant prawns), venison and wild boar are favourite items of French cuisine. Fresh fish and seafood set the keynote for Chinese cooking.

The traditional blends of home crushed spices are the sauce base for mouth glowing Indian curries. The delicate blend of spiciness and subtle mix of ingredients constitute the setting for the event-related Muslim cuisine. Local vegetables and fruits abound all year round in a colourful selection of mouth watering delights.

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