Company Gardens

Beginning near Chaussee St, next to the Mauritius Institute, this was once the vegetable patch of the French East Indian Company. The line of statues include that of the poet Leoville L, homme.


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The French Period

After the departure of the Dutch 1n 1710, Guillaume Dufresne D'Arsel, while on the route to India, landed in Mauritius in September 1715 and claimed the island for France. He named Mauritius 'Ile de

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Mauritius International Trust Company Ltd (MITCO) The MITCO Group comprises three professional firms namely Mauritius International Trust Company Limited (MITCO), MITCO Corporate Services Ltd (MCS) and MITCO Limited in the Seychelles (MCL). Founded

Magasin Rahim Electronics Company Limited

Business / Services: Electronic Parts and Equipment. Few other tour operator in Mauritius: LTH-BestBuy 8, La Chaussée Street Port Louis Mauritius

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Star Knit Trading Company Limited is a Trading of electronic items, food and luggage in Coromandel, Mauritius. The Company Member of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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