A collection of pictures of Military Aircrafts

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A collection of pictures of Military Aircrafts

This is a little bit about military aircraft of yore. Warbirds could be anything from string & canvas biplanes to some of the older jets, and still look as good today as they must have looked on their first appearance. A number of the aircraft pictured here have flown combat missions.


'Warbirds' is a collection of the author's photographs, mostly of museum shots. There is a guest page, where pictorial contributions are welcome.Enjoy the pictures!

I've taken quite a few photographs aircraft - airliners, balloons, gliders, helicopters, jets ... Many of these have been misplaced with time, so a web site seemed to be a great way to preserve some of them.

The first website, Warbirds, covers only military aircraft. Preferably, the older the better. A lot of these airplanes museum have had thousands of hours of restoration work, mostly on a volunteer basis. What's cool about warbirds? Lots of things. Most of these planes may never fly again, but almost all of them have made their mark on aviation, either technically or in the way they were employed. To listen to the sound of a Merlin or Centaurus, or watch a Spitfire or Tempest in the sky is unforgettable.

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