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A brief history of the dodo

The Dodo and other birds The Dodo were huge birds of unknown species that existed only on the island of Mauritius which had no human habitation prior to 1598. Due to its short wings and bulky body

Nature History Museum and Mauritius Institute

Most tourists visit the Museum and Institute, on Chausee St, to see the stuffed replica of the dodo, the abnormal member of a group of pigeons, which become extinct. Between 1981 and 1989, the dodo

Secure Information Technology Solutions (Mauritius) Ltd

Secure Information Technology Solutions (Mauritius) Ltd was established in 2000 under the Mauritian companies Act and has in the short span of time developed unique strengths in providing IT

Bank of Mauritius (Port Louis)

Bank of Mauritius (Port Louis) Bank of Mauritius which is the Central Bank of the Republic of Mauritius. Standing at the cent re of the Mauritian financial system, the Bank is committed to promoting and maintaining monetary and

Ministry of Environment Website

Ministry of Environment The aim of my Ministry is to help Mauritius achieve environmental sustainability in the long term through continued innovation and vibrant partnerships and collaboration with all stakeholders. We

Tourist Information

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority 11th Floor Air Mauritius Centre President John Kenedy Street Port Louis Mauritius Tel. (230) 210 1545 Fax: (230) 212 5142 Airport Counter: (230) 637 3635 The

Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunications

Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunications Mauritius is now poised to become a cyber island and to serve as an info-communications hub in the region. The vision of an information society dates back to the early 1990s. However, recent top