Champe Mars Racecourse

Also known as the Hippodrome, the Field of Mars was a military training ground until the Mauritian Turf Club was founded in 1812. The police and army still use it for the odd manoeuvre during the off season. The racing season is from around May to late November. There are two monuments a statue of King Edward VII, by the sculptor Prospect d'Epinay, and the Malartic Tomb, an obelisk to a French governor. The latter was blown down by a cyclone in 1892 and reerected the following year.


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Horse Racing Season

Mauritius has a busy horse-racing programme from around May to the end of November with 24 to 26 race days, most of them on Saturdays at the Champ de Mars racecourse in Port Louis. It is in a (Horse Racing) (Horse Racing) The Mauritius Turf Club’s history would not be complete without mentioning The Mauritius Jockey Club. Founded in 1904 by Raoul Gufflet, George Rougier Lagane and Willy Dawson, the Mauritius Jockey


In the Port Louis district, no fewer than 66 national monuments have been designated. The Rum Warehouse Building near Immigration Square was deproclaimed and dismantled but a new national monument,

Weather and Best Season to Visit

You can visit Rodrigues Island almost any time of the year the climate here is pleasantly warm and somewhat drier than that of Mauritius. The island is prone to periodic cyclones, sometimes quite

Robert Edward Hart Museum

Robert Edward hart (1891-1954) was a renowned Mauritius poet, appreciated by the French and English alike. He wrote in French and translations of his poetry are hard to find. He lived out the last

The French Period

After the departure of the Dutch 1n 1710, Guillaume Dufresne D'Arsel, while on the route to India, landed in Mauritius in September 1715 and claimed the island for France. He named Mauritius 'Ile de

A collection of pictures of Military Aircrafts

A collection of pictures of Military Aircrafts This is a little bit about military aircraft of yore. Warbirds could be anything from string & canvas biplanes to some of the older jets, and still look as good today as they must have looked on