Cargados Carajos (St Brandon)

This 22 island atoll, 370km north-east of Mauritius is like the Maldives, a diving paradise. However it is currently not open to tourists. Fishermen ply the waters and camp on Albatross (in the north) and Coco (in the south), and maintain a base at Raphael (in the central pan), but there is no permanent settlement.


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Guide to Mauritius Business and Tourist directory

Mauritius is a volcanic island, measuring 58km (36mi) from north to south and 47km (29mi) from east to west. It lies in the Indian Ocean, roughly 800km (500mi) east of Madagascar, 3860km (2400mi)

Diving - Rodrigues Island

There are several good scuba-diving locations around Rodrigues, but there is no diving school or public-use compressor on the island, and you need a boat. The best dives are off Pointe Colon and

The East Coast - Diving

A bit more affected by mass tourism than other regions, the East Coast offers some excellent diving. One of Mauritius' best dives is The Passe where you drift dive through the passes with the current

Mauritius Island On-Line, US-based Mauritius portal

Mauritius Island On-Line, US-based Mauritius portal is an interactive portal providing business and tourist information to visitors and citizens of the island of Mauritius. Hotels, Resorts, Holiday Packages, Entertainment, Real estate,

Sun Tropical Paradise

Sun Tropical Paradise Sun Tropical Paradise is located on the east cost of Mauritius at Belle Mare only 3 minutes from the most beautiful white sandy beach, which welcome you in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Sun

Albatross Insurance Co. Ltd.

Image 30 years of experience added to a personalised service and partnership with reinsurers of high repute has today made Albatross Insurance Co. Ltd. synonymous of trustworthiness. Albatross Insurance is

The East Coast

The East Coast district of Flacq is quieter than Trou aux Biche or areas on the West Coast. Beaches are the major attraction and as usual, big hotels have picked prime stretches but there is still