Bird Watching

In late 1950's species such as Mauritius kestrel, Pink pigeon and Echo parakeet were in immediate danger of extinction, and although numbers have grown they have not yet won the war of survival. In 1974 only four Mauritius kestrels existed making it the rarest bird on earth. Today there are more than 350 birds in the wild. Thanks to an intensive program of captive breeding, although the bird is still on the endangered species list.


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Endangered Species

The best known representative of Mauritius birdlife was the dodo - a large, plump, flightless dove which found its docility rewarded with extinction in the late 17th century. Although the dodo has

Echo Parakeets

The Echo Parakeet is the world's rarest parakeet. Since 1985, MWAF has been running a project to help wild parakeet's boost their numbers through captive breeding. In the early 1990s there were only

Kinds of Birds

The pink pigeon was once found all over Mauritius but now its habitat is restricted to the wet upland forests of the southwest. Feral cats, monkeys and rats brought about the demise of this tame and


Mauritius has several endemic species of birds - birds which are found nowhere else in the world. Many ornithologists or keen birders wishing to add unique species to their lists will find the long

Bird Parks

This bird park, between Tamarin and the turn off down to Flic en Flac, is well landscaped and has good views across the Riviere du Rempart valley. As well as parrot, pheasant and rare pink pigeon,

Domaine du Chasseur

This is a south East Coast large estate covering 900 hectares of forested slopes. Visitors have a choice of activities, including hiking, birdwatching and accompanied mini safaris. The forest

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, formerly known as The Mauritian Wildlife Appeal Fund is the only non-governmental organisation in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation of