Mauritius is a coral reef encircle, it's coastline glistens with beaches of powdery white sands, lapped gently by translucent water lagoons. It is this sandy margin, more than anything, that draws the tourists. Tourism is now the island's third biggest industry, after sugar and textiles. In Mauritius the best beaches have hotels close to them but these are not exclusive tourist enclaves and most have public access. There are also public beaches and it is still possible, away from the hotels and coastal roads, to find secluded stretches of sand. Also rare of Mauritius beaches are lush groves of coconut palms normally associated with tropical island paradises. Instead the long stretches of sand are fringed with pine like casuarina tree. They have been planted in close formation to act as windbreaks. They are known locally as filaos. Not all beaches in Mauritius are walled with hotels and many have only a public kiosk or picnic pavilion as their closest building. Few hotels are actually grouped together, monopolising a whole beach, although they do try to control what happens on their share of the foreshore for the comfort of their guests. Hotel beaches are kept clean, beach hawkers are licensed and not a nuisance, and there is unobtrusive patrolling by security staff in front of the larger hotels. Swimming or paddling off some of the beaches is hazardous, not because of underwater currents but due to the sharp spined sea urchins (Echinoides). It's a good idea to wear sandals when walking in the shallows.


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Attractions Beaches

Pointe Coton, on the east coast, has the best beach on the island. There are other nice beaches at St François, Trou d'Argent and Petit Gravier. Rodrigues is a volcanic island rising from a ridge

Beaches around the Peninsula

There are also beaches around the peninsula in the southwest, dominated by the 556 m-high Morne Brabant, where the Beach comber Hotel Paradis is located. At Flic en Flac there is the beach at the

Flic en flac - Beach

Situated on the West Coast, the beach is fringed with filaos/ casuarina trees provides a fine lagoon for swimming and watersports. Grand baie and the northern coastline beyond Tombeau Bay has many

Pristine White Beaches

In the north of Mauritius are the pristine white beaches that make the island famous. This area is also a water sports lover's paradise. Wide arrays of resorts are available among them the Maritim

Hotels Mauritius

Hotels Mauritius Hotels Mauritius is a full-service travel agency based in Mauritius offering luxury hotels, middle-class hotels, villas and holiday apartments in Mauritius. Hotels Mauritius also provides all-

Popular Beaches

The most popular beaches are on the northern coastline, from Tombeau Bay up to Grand Bay and beyond. Trou aux Biches is a long stretch, much of it is surrounded by the hotel complex of the same name.

The East Coast

The East Coast district of Flacq is quieter than Trou aux Biche or areas on the West Coast. Beaches are the major attraction and as usual, big hotels have picked prime stretches but there is still