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Belle Mare Plage The Resort

Belle Mare Plage The Resort Constance Belle Mare Plage is the perfect hotel for families. Children receive a welcome present on arrival while the parents are presented with the new brochure ’Travelling with children in


Excursions In Mauritius Land Rover Defender Safari The 4x4 vehicle, which accommodates 6 passengers, goes across different off road tracks starting from the various viewpoints of the Seven Cascades to climb afterwards the

About Mauritius

About Mauritius -

Location & Geography

Mauritius, an independent state, is situated at 890 KM east of Madagascar (as shown in the map below), between 19°50' and 20°32' of south latitude and 57°18' and 57°46' of East Longitude. Reunion,

History of Mauritius

Prior to 1598 there was no human habitation on the island of Mauritius. At that time it was only an indigenous habitat with dense forests, peaks and mountains, streams and rivers, and some species of

The Dutch Period

In 1598 the Dutch came into the scene when Vice Admiral Vybrant Van Warwick claimed the island for the Netherlands and named it Mauritius in honour of his ruler, Prince Maurice of Nassau (Pictured on

The French Period

After the departure of the Dutch 1n 1710, Guillaume Dufresne D'Arsel, while on the route to India, landed in Mauritius in September 1715 and claimed the island for France. He named Mauritius 'Ile de