Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Who are you and how does your web site operate?

A1) We are a group of dedicated professionals (Company name Lodd Inc) committed to innovation in communication.'s main function is to promote Mauritius on a worldwide basis. This is accomplished by providing the general public with free information in its own web pages and also by way of a directory.

About Mauritius

Q1) Where is Mauritius situated?

A1) Mauritius is a small tropical island situated east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

Q2) How to reach Mauritius?

A2) The best and easiest way to reach Mauritius is by air. The three main airlines which offer regular scheduled flights to Mauritius from Europe are Air Mauritius, British Airways and Air France. For the rest of the world customers are advised to check with their travel agents or tour operators for available flights.

Q3) How long does it take to reach Mauritius by air?

A3) This depends from where you are travelling and whether the flight is a non-stop or transit one. A non-stop flight by Air Mauritius from the UK usually takes about 12 hours to reach Mauritius.

Q4) What are the main languages spoken in Mauritius?

A4) In everyday life the majority of the Mauritian population speak creole patois, a sort of a native dialect in which French words appear to be more prominent. Apart from this most Mauritians also speak English and French.

Q5) Are there dangerous animals or poisonous reptiles in Mauritius?

A5) No poisonous snake, reptile, or insect exists in Mauritius. Moreover its natural habitat is free from dangerous quadrupeds.

Q6) What type of country is Mauritius politically?

A6) Mauritius is a democracy based on the British system of government. It is a republic within the Commonwealth with a nominated President. While the President mainly adopts a ceremonial role (but with limited executive powers over Parliament or the cabinet), like the Queen in British politics, it is the Prime Minister who is the head of the nation.

Q7) What is the electricity voltage used in Mauritius for domestic purposes?

A7) The power supply throughout the island is 240 volts. Most power sockets use the British 3-pin plugs. French 2-pin plugs are also in use all over the island.